Relief Distribution in Ward no. 1,2,3,4 of Dhunchhe VDC, Rasuwa

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Place: Ward 1,2,3,4 of Dhunchhe VDC, Rasuwa district
Date: May 9-10, 2015
Number of Households: 180

What we provided

  • 75 sacks of 30 kg rice
  • 225 sacks of 25 kg rice
  • 300 kg salt
  • 10 bags of nutri-nuggets
  • 200 pcs of woolen blankets
  • Tents/Tarps/Rope for Tents

The total cost of the supplies including transport was NPR 704,325.00 or USD 6,970.80.

About the trip

Thanks to the generous contributions of our friends and family, we were able to respond to requests for emergency relief from Rasuwa, a district that has been severely hit by the quake but remains underserved due to several reasons: it is farther from Kathmandu than other quake-affected districts; many areas are still suffering from landslides; roads leading to upper Rasuwa are risky, especially when it rains. Many affected communities in the district have not even received emergency food supplies. In some places, entire villages have been wiped out by landslides and people have been permanently displaced. Many bodies still remain buried. Many are missing.

After spending half a day loading supplies from different vendors in Kathmandu, our team left Kathmandu with a few local volunteers and a local driver from Rasuwa. On our way we stopped in Betrawati, Nuwakot to see a campsite where people from Haku VDC in Rasuwa are taking shelter. (Haku VDC suffered massive damage, with scores of people still missing and buried in rubble.)

For once our truck did not break down. We reached Kalikasthan (our stop for the night) around 9 pm. It was very dark and raining heavily but our host (Surya Tamang, a young local volunteer) insisted that we run down to his house because he feared an aftershock might cause a landslide on the hill above the road. For the same reason, he would not let us stay at a roadside lodge. We were completely drenched by the time we reached his house. Surya introduced us to his uncle Prem Tamang, a former member of the Constituent Assembly, who is working very hard to bring relief to Rasuwa. He seems rooted in the community and knows a lot about each village in the district. He said the quake victims in Rasuwa suffered a lot due to the local administration’s inefficiency and politicking, especially in the first few days when many could have been rescued.

Next morning we drove to four wards in Dhunchhe and distributed relief to approximately 180 households. The distribution went very smoothly. Our volunteers knew the locals well and had a list of households ready. We also provided small gifts of cash and/or essential supplies to several women with infants (this fund was contributed by one of our friends specifically for mothers in need.) Many of these women have lost their husbands and seemed too traumatized to speak.

Due to road problems, we could not visit Gatlang VDC, a badly hit area that had not received any relief until a few days ago. We left the rations with our local coordinators, to be delivered the following day when the road would open. We arrived in Kathmandu around 9 pm.


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