Relief for people from Gre, Gatlang 7 & 8, Rasuwa

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As our team could not reach the people of Gre, Gatlang on our first trip to Rasuwa, we requested our local contacts to distribute the remaining supplies as soon as the road opened. Two days after we returned to Kathmandu, Surya Tamang and team were able to gather the people of Gre (Gatlang – 7 & 8) in Sano Barkhu and hand over the supplies (Gre remains inaccessible by road). The locals walked for 4 hours (one way) just to receive the food and tents. Below is the update sent by Surya.

Basic information about Gre, Gatlang:

Total no. of households – 155
Total affected households – 155
Deaths – 6
Injuries – 17

Distributed Items:

Rice – 145 bags (75*30kg + 46*25kg + 24*25 kg)
Dal – 6 bags * 30 kg [obtained through another source]
Noodles – 30 boxes [obtained through another source]
Salt – 3 bags (150kgs)
Nutri-nuggets – 2 bags (2*10 kg)
Tents – 110 pieces Blanket – 20 pieces
Clothes – 1 bag [obtained through another source]

About the trip

We visited Sano Bharku (34 Kms from Kalikasthan via Dhunchhe) on 12 May to meet and distribute the remaining supplies to people of Gre (Gatlang VDC 7 & 8). According to the local people, no aid had reached them until then. They had received a tripal [tent] each from a trekking agency the same day. They were staying in cattle sheds and huts made of old tin sheets salvaged from their broken houses. Our team was very fortunate to have crossed the landslide area and reached Sano Bharku before the 2nd big quake happened that day. It was great relief to be back home the same day.


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