Relief distribution for Ward No. 8, Thuman VDC, Rasuwa

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The distribution was carried out in Sano Bharku. People walked for 3 hours each way to receive the supplies.

On 17th May, our Rasuwa team members went back to Sano Bharku to distribute relief supplies to people from Thuman VDC – Ward 8. Thuman-8 is not accessible by road, so the team had planned to call the villagers to Ronga (beyond Syafru Besi) for distribution, but the chief district officer of Rasuwa advised them not to go for safety reasons. Also there were other distribution programs going on in Syafru Besi in the presence of current members of the Constituent Assembly, so they thought it would be wise to avoid tension. The community of Thuman-8 is severely marginalized. Even in the best of times, people live amid immense hardship and scarcity. Many are landless farmers who have been tilling the land of other people for the past two decades. The earthquake worsened their situation. Their houses, which were made of loose stones and tin, all came down and people were left without food and shelter. People walked for 3 hours each way to Sano Bharku to get the relief supplies. Our team was the first to distribute food and relief to them. Relief from government (noodles and beaten rice) had reached there the same day. Our team distributed a sack of rice, a tarp, two blankets, a packet of salt, dal (2 bowls), soybean nutri-nuggets (2 bowls) and biscuits to each of the 83 households. Some of the women received bags of new mother supplies (spices, nuts, mixed lentils, baby clothes, sarong wrap, towel, soaps, etc.) through Nehi Fund.

A visit to mothers in Bhorle VDC, Ward No 3

The next day (18th May) our team visited Bhorle-3 to meet two mothers – Kali Ghising and Butti Ghising. Both their homes were destroyed by the quake. Kali Ghising, 26, has a one-month-old baby and an 8-year-old son. She lost her husband in the quake and is worried about how she will raise her two kids. She received a bag of new mother supplies and a cash gift of NPR 10,000 through Nehi Fund as emergency relief. Butti Ghising, 33, gave birth to a third child on 25th April, the day the big quake struck. Her oldest son is 13 and her second son died of blood cancer at the age of 11. She received a bag of new mother supplies through Nehi Fund.


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