Relief for Pahari women in Champi VDC, South Lalitpur

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On 19 June 2015, our team collaborated with the staff of Nari Shakti, a local women cooperative, to distribute relief for mothers (through Nehi Fund) in Champi VDC, South Lalitpur.  Below are some details of the relief trip.

Budget: Nehi Fund

Place: Champi VDC, Itahiti, South Lalitpur

Distribution venue: community primary School

Community: indigenous Pahari people, who live in different parts of South Lalitpur.

Target: New mothers, Pregnant women, and mothers  (Total: 25 women)

Current situation:  Low-income families. Their homes were destroyed by the earthquake and they are now living in makeshift shelters.

Support received so far: Mostly from national and international Buddhist monks (tent, blanket, CGI sheets), and some rations from government

Livelihood: Insufficient land for cultivation and yield not enough to feed the family for the whole year. A few men work in factories that produce Thanka, idols, etc.

Items distributed:

  • Essential supplies for 12 pregnant and new mothers
  • NPR 2000 cash each to 13 mothers


  1. Shanti Jirel, Chairperson, Federation of National Indigenous Women (NIWF)
  2. Bina Pahari, NIWF Member and Social Motivator for Pahari community of Southern Lalitpur

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