Relief for Bishnu Laxmi Tamang

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Bishnu Laxmi Tamang, 84, is a single woman from Shankhu VDC, Ward No. 8, Lalitpur. She is the second wife of late Lawan Dorje Lama, who died 5 years ago. She has no children. Since she has no one to support her, she had been living with her stepson’s family, who treated her as an unwanted burden. After the 25 April earthquake destroyed their house, they told her to leave the family and go fend for herself. The family was already poor. Their main occupation was subsistence farming. Bishnu Laxmi used to help collect fodder from the forest and work in the fields, but due to old age, she had become unfit for heavy manual labour. That was why they sent her away.

Her citizenship certificate, which was with her daughter-in-law, got lost nearly 15 years ago, so she cannot claim the monthly allowance for the elderly provided by the government. Obtaining a new citizenship certificate would be a difficult and complicated process, and she does not know how to go about it. But recently, she managed to obtain a copy of her citizenship with the help of a social worker, Krishnaman Lama of Bukhel VDC, Lalitpur. Krishnaman came across her while she was desperately trying to find basic means of survival. He then contacted our team and requested relief support on behalf of Bishnu Laxmi. We hope the support we have provided will help her through this difficult transition.

Relief support provided:

A set of cooking pots (cooking pots and pans; a complete set of stainless steel utensils including a knife and a tea strainer; a plastic bucket and mug); basic rations (30 kg rice, lentil, oil, sugar, tea, salt and spices); a tent (6mx 4m); soaps and detergent; and a cash gift of NPR 1,500. The total cost of the supplies including the cash gift was NPR 5624. In addition, she received a used bedsheet, blanket, pillow, a thermal mat and some clothes.



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