School Rebuilding Support in Alampu, Dolakha

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On July 15, our team provided rebuilding support to a local school in Alampu, Dolakha that was destroyed by the earthquake. The materials we provided are being used to construct a temporary learning centre at Shree Thampu Secondary School. The support included:

  • 25 bundles of CGI sheets
  • 162 cubic feet  wooden pillars and beams
  • 50 kg Galvanized wire
  • 10 kg nails, scissors

The donation for this entire initiative was provided by our friend Slesha Dhakal, who is currently based in Scotland, UK. Due to rainy weather and rough, muddy roads, it was very difficult to transport the supplies to Babare, the last point on the road. The CGI sheets were transported on a bus roof. From Babare, 27 porters walked uphill for 5 hours to carry the construction materials to the school, which is situated on a hilltop.

The total cost of the initiative was NPR 304,332.

Note: The remaining NPR 25,668 donated by Slesha Dhakal will be used for student support and teaching materials once the assessment is carried out.


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