School Support for Children in Alampu

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In August we provided basic school supplies to 8 children from two extremely vulnerable families in Alampu, Dolakha. The funds were provided by Nehi Fund.

Six of the children were from Sete Thami’s family in Alampu-4. On July 4 Sete’s wife was returning to the village from Babare with some bundles of zinc sheets on her back (provided by a non-government organization). She fell ill on the road and when she reached home, she vomited blood and died soon after. Sete Thami has been mentally unbalanced since his wife’s sudden death. He spends most of his time drinking. His seven children have been left without any support. One of his daughters has gone to live with her uncle, who is a wageworker in Darjeeling, India.

The other two are Subash Thami’s children. Theirs is one of the poorest families in the village. Their condition has become more critical since the earthquake destroyed their house.

The supplies provided included:
School uniform, stationery, bag, shoes, books and umbrella.

To see the expense summary for this initiative, please see the Nehi Fund page.


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