Support to schools in Bukhel VDC, South Lalitpur

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Kids taking snacks

In March 2016, our group provided school furniture for Saraswoti Primary School, Bukhel VDC-9, south Lalitpur at the request of the school management committee. The school was destroyed by the earthquake and the students did not even have enough benches to sit on during classes. Donated supplies included a few sets of steel pipes, desks and benches, steel cabinets, chairs and shelves. The total cost of the project was NPR 67,050 including transportation. The teachers and students greatly appreciated the support. Earlier, our group had provided school uniforms to students from this school. Some of our friends had also provided immediate cash relief to the three most vulnerable families in the village.

[updated on 23 April 2016]


On 30 November 2015, we delivered school uniforms to students from two schools in Bukhel, South Lalitpur: Saraswoti Primary School, Chhyasedanda Ward No. 9 and Tungan Primary School, Golchhapra Ward No. 8. We also provided 10 bundles of corrugated tin sheets and one iron gate to Tungan School. The tin sheets will be used to make temporary walls in the classroom, which were completely destroyed by the earthquake. We also partially covered the wages of carpenters and masons for repairing damaged furniture and clearing of debris.

The village was about 4 hours drive from Kathmandu (the last stretch was a rough road). Both schools are situated on hill slopes. Children (3–12 yrs) have to walk for 1–2 hrs through risky trails. To reach the schools, we had to walk uphill for an hour. The distribution program went smoothly in both the schools. Tea and snacks were provided to children, parents and school staff who came to receive the supplies.

A total of 83 sets of uniforms were provided to all students from the two schools. In the last few months, our team had made several visits to the area to identity the schools and coordinate with the locals. The local teachers and coordinators helped take the measurements of each child, and the uniforms were accordingly tailored in Kathmandu.

The teachers and locals were immensely grateful for the support. They said their village often gets neglected because it falls in Lalitpur (not far from Kathmandu), though in fact people in the area are no less deprived than communities in many remote districts. They said our team was the first to reach out to their community since the earthquake.

The total cost of the project was approximately NPR 226,000 including transport costs.


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