An appeal from Haku community, Rasuwa

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“Situated at an altitude of 2000–2,500m, Haku is a hard-to-reach village in Rasuwa near the Tibet-China border. The nearest motor road is almost 3 hours’ walk along a steep trail. There are 751 households with a total population of 8,087. The population is predominantly Tamang.

Haku is one of the poorest villages of Rasuwa district. People in Haku lack access to even basic services and infrastructure. Families mostly depend on animal rearing and traditional farming but the terrain is difficult and productivity is low. Youth have migrated in search of better jobs and educational opportunities.

Almost all the houses in Haku VDC were destroyed by the earthquake. A fire broke out the same day and engulfed 22 houses of Thulo Haku. The fire was brought under control only after three days. One infant and an elderly woman died in the blaze. Many villagers fled to the lowlands and are living in temporary shelters, but they are gradually returning to the village to repair their ruined houses. There is not much left of their houses except stones and a few wooden planks. Some are trying to build temporary shelters using these stones and planks retrieved from rubble.

The villagers have not received any relief and rehabilitation support from the government except some zinc sheets. Although the government of Nepal is planning to provide some financial support for rebuilding earthquake affected houses, the victims of remote villages like Haku have no idea when the support will arrive. Homeless families have had to live in inadequate makeshift shelters. They have suffered the extreme heat of summer, freezing cold of winter, heavy monsoon rains and violent windstorms. A year has passed since the earthquake, but villagers have not been able to recover. The only help they have received includes some relief materials collected by the village youth and a little support provided by some organizations. Villagers are trying hard to rebuild their lives with the limited resources they have. These brave people are greatly in need of support from concerned individuals and organizations.

Haku Secondary School is the only school in Haku VDC. The students from all the wards of Haku come to this school to get an education. The quake damaged the school beyond repair. The walls have crumbled down. The front wall is cracked severely. Debris can be seen inside classrooms. The staircase has fallen too. The school now looks like a bombed house. Before the earthquake, there were 304 students in the school. Now there are only 184 students attending classes under tents. Other students are still in the lower areas living in temporary shelters with their families.
The school has one headmaster who comes from another district and was recruited under government quota. There are seven teachers in total, but most are from outside the village. Unfortunately, one female teacher who came to teach from another village lost both her legs in the earthquake and would now be unable to work at the school. It is hard to find teachers willing to travel to the remote village, especially as there is no transportation available. Basic facilities are also not available for potential resident teachers.

Appeal to interested donors:
Haku Secondary School is trying to raise funds to reconstruct the school building. We appeal humanitarian hands to support us in whatever way they can so that the poor and underprivileged children of Haku won’t be deprived of education. To support children’s education is one of the best ways to help a community.

We appeal for support in the following areas:
1. School rebuilding
2. Library (books/e-books)
3. Computer lab
4. Science lab
5. Furniture (desks and benches)
6. Water tank
7. Office room
8. Multimedia equipment
9. Stationery

Haku Secondary School reconstruction and upgrading will enable some of the most vulnerable children of Nepal to gain better education, widen their horizon and increase their future possibilities.

Contact person:
Phurpa Tenjen Loben
President, School Development Committee
Haku Secondary School, Haku VDC
Rasuwa, Nepal
Phone: +977-9841083966
Facebook: Phurpa Tenjen Loben


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