Khopachagu Drinking Water Supply

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woman at tap

Last month we provided support for rebuilding the drinking water supply system in Amanthali, Khopachagu-8, a predominantly Thami village in Dolakha district. The total cost of the project was NPR 162,172.  Below is a message from one of the locals who coordinated the project. (The message was slightly edited for clarity):

“We are proudly announcing that we have successfully completed the installation of three drinking water taps and a 10,000-litre capacity water reservoir for 15 households with active participation of locals. 

All required materials (cement, pipes and taps, etc.) were provided by Quake Relief Group (led by Shradha Ghale), along with full transportation cost and daily tiffin allowance for workers during construction. 

The devastating massive earthquake destroyed the water reservoir in the village. Until recently, there was acute shortage of drinking water. For the last forty years, we never had any water project or water-oriented support in this small village. So now this project can benefit local community for the long term.

We are grateful to everyone who supported the project on behalf of local community.

Bikesh Thangmi
President, Thangmi Youth Association
Alampu, Dolakha”


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