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Cash Relief for Families in South Lalitpur

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CRaju Syngtan's mother (mentally ill) Kanchhu Maya Syangtan, 45, and his siblings Bibi, 5, and Bir Syangtan, 21 months. We were told that Raju's father Asman is an alcoholic and does not support his family. Therefore, his school teachers have taken the initiative to support the education of the two children.

Last month we handed over cash relief to children from three Tamang families in South Lalitpur. The families were selected in close consultation with the local school management committee and other community members, all of whom unanimously agreed that they were the three most vulnerable families in the community. Cash support for one of the families was provided by Sheela Fudong. For the other two, we used the funds provided by our generous friends and supporters.

1. Brish Bahadur Negi, 7. His father Karna Negi is disabled and his mother Sarita has to support the family by herself. She has three children, including a 10-year-old daughter (Class 5) from her first husband. She got married to Karna Negi after her first husband married another woman and left her alone to support her daughter. She married Karna even though he was partially disabled. His condition grew worse over time. For the last two years he has been completely unable to move his limbs. (The family says this happened after he received a Japanese acupuncture treatment at Jorpati Hospital, Kathmandu.) The family’s only source of income is a small shop they run near their house. Sarita can rarely leave the house because she has to nurse her husband all the time. She earns around NPR 100 to 150 per day from the shop. Karna gets a disability allowance of NPR 1,000 from the government. Brish is an epilepsy patient and needs more than NPR 1,500 every month for medicine. Therefore they take loan from a cooperative for household and medical expenses. They have still not been able to repair their house, which was destroyed by the quake. The only support they have received from the government so far is NPR 10,000.
Brish’s father Karna cannot move his limbs without his wife’s support. When we visited him, we found out that he hadn’t eaten or drunk anything since the previous day for fear of urinating and defecating, because his wife had gone to the school to collect the cash relief.
He expressed his gratitude to the donor and our team for the cash support. He said his family will use the money to expand the shop. Until then they will keep the money in fixed deposit in a local cooperative. Karna asked us to request willing donors (individuals or organizations) to support the education of his children. He and his wife are even willing to send his children away to a different place if they can get a good education. Karna said he wants to see them going to a good school before he dies.

2. Bishnu Maya Nyasur, age 7 years, Class 2. The school management committee recommended support for Bishnu as her family’s economic condition is extremely weak. Her mother Sarita, 23, is a single mother; her father committed suicide in October 2015 as he could not rebuild his quake-destroyed hut and arrange food and shelter for his family. Sarita did not receive an Earthquake Victim Identity Card that would entitle her to the compensation provided by the government because she lives in her parental home. She works as a seasonal farm labourer and earns a daily wage of NPR 300-400. On other days she makes home brewed liquor and sells it in the local market for a livelihood.

3. Raju Syangtan, age 9, Class 2. His mother Kanchhu Maya Syangtan, 45, is mentally ill. He has two siblings – Bibi, 5, and Bir, 21 months. We were told that Raju’s father Asman is an alcoholic and does not support his family. Therefore, his school teachers have taken the initiative to support the two children’s education. Since Raju’s father is said to be an alcoholic, and his mother is mentally ill, the cash received by her was passed on to a local schoolteacher Bhuwaneswor Timilsina in the presence of other community members. They will advise Kanchhu Maya to use this money to buy a goat for income generation.


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