Health checkup in Sankhule camp, Rasuwa

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prescriptionOn 27 April 2016 we conducted a small health camp for displaced families of Haku living in Sanhkule camp, Kaliksthan, Rasuwa. Dr Sritika Thapa gave basic checkups and medicines to 34 patients (mostly women and a few men) in the camp. Dr Thapa, a faculty member at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, has been actively supporting our relief effort over the past year. She found that most women in the camp suffer from multiple ailments – chronic fatigue, body ache, respiratory problems such as acute upper respiratory infection and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)/asthma exacerbation, and diarrhea. The men had respiratory problems. The few children she saw appeared malnourished. Several factors seem to have steadily worsened the health of the camp residents: cramped temporary shelters that can barely guard against the elements; constant exposure to smoke from cooking fire compounded by the absence of ventilation; lack of basic nutrition; lack of access to clean drinking water; and lack of even basic medicines or access to basic healthcare services. These problems further reveal how urgently the displaced families need to be rehabilitated in a new location.


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