SFN Supported Relief Work in Rasuwa

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We left for Rasuwa again on June 18 and spent the week distributing essential relief in some of the remoter areas in the district. The support for this initiative – our biggest so far – was provided by Shikshya Foundation Nepal (SFN)

It rained almost every day, which made the trip a challenging one, but it was very good to meet people and hear their stories. People in these areas lack access to basic services and live in harsh conditions even in normal times. In some places, they had walked for many hours on landslide-prone hills to reach the distribution site. To get to the villages in Gatlang, and later in Yarsa, we had to leave the main road and drive uphill for many hours on rough road. Roads got blocked due to heavy rainfall and we could not stick to our planned schedule. But the distribution at each site went smoothly and people were appreciative of the support they received.

Our local contacts mobilised a big group of volunteers to help us and put us in touch with the focal person in each ward we visited. These community leaders are some of the most inspiring people we have met in recent times. They have been working round the clock in very challenging circumstances with no material reward. Many of them do not have a regular source of income and lost their homes during the disaster. And yet they continue to work, quietly and persistently, without making any big claims.


As of now we have distributed relief to the following communities with SFN’s support. These items were purchased at the request of the local community in each area. The work is ongoing and we still have to reach several more VDCs (I’ll update the report as we go)

1. Rations (rice, salt and nutri-nuggets) to 480 displaced families of Haku VDC who are now camping in Dhunche
2. Pots and pans to 550 families from 9 wards in Gatlang VDC
3. Floor mats to 160 families and 65 complete sets of school uniforms & schoolbags for children at another IDP camp for Haku displaced in Kalikasthan, Dhaibung VDC
4. Rations to 599 families in 5 wards of Yarsa VDC
5. Rations to 200 families in 5 wards of Chilime VDC
6. Flour to 340 families in 9 wards of Goljung VDC

Other support

– A huge thanks to Knox City Council, Melbourne for the 6 sleeping bags, 4 blankets, 1 tarpaulin and 1 tent you sent all the way from Australia, along with the donation of NPR 1 lakh. We used your donation for our relief work in Dolakha and handed the supplies over to the local volunteer coordinators in Rasuwa. These items will remain with the committee and be lent to volunteers when they travel to remote areas for relief work.

– We also gave immediate cash relief in the amount of NPR 7000 to Pasang Butti of Gre, Gatlang VDC through Nehi Fund. Her house was destroyed by the quake and her husband, a muleteer, was killed by a quake-triggered landslide in Langtang. She has no source of income. Her son has stopped going to school. Worried about her children’s future, she has decided to send both her daughters (9 and 4 years old) to Kathmandu through different organizations. We hope the cash gift will help her meet some of her immediate needs.


Pictures from SFN Supported Relief Work in Rasuwa

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